Moving forward or beginning again?

23 Aug

                  In my last few posts, I shared my newest fashion endeavors, opinions, and obsessions, optimistic as ever in what the future would bring. Yet as my last semester came to an end, graduation was celebrated, and summer began, I found myself packing up and heading home – a backtrack I hoped would be as temp as temporary gets.

                 I spent the majority of my summer days in my small hometown in New Hampshire, commuting to and from New York, for meeting with recruiters, interviewing, and friends and shopping.  As summer wient on, my desire to make it in the city that never sleeps only continued to escalate. Unfortunately before I knew it – Interviews, anticipation, expectation, and rejection continually came and went, and my summer had been lost to countless unanswered emails and endless online applications.

In the midst of my transition from hopeful fashionista to jobless reccesionista, I’d seem to have left my blog in the dust atop the designer dust bags that currently take over the garage…I won’t unpack, I’m not here for good. Though I could have been ranting my opinions on Hedi Silmane’s decision to bring Yves Saint Laurent back to Saint Laurent Paris, just days after my last at YSL, I mostly felt at a loss for words, with little look forward to (not to mention the lack of fashion- anything in New Hampshire). 

Now, the September issues are slowly taking over newsstands marking the official beginning of summer’s end and I’ve realized change needs to be made – including reuniting with my blog – and will share as I continue the infamous ‘job search’ and while always worshiping fashion. 






First Dibs

6 Dec

Missing Interview already, I have decided to share a few of the First Dibs and Most wanted posts I contributed to on the magazine’s website.

First Dibs: Yves Saint Laurent Slingback


If shoes and diamonds are a girl’s best friends, these blush satin Yves Saint Laurent slingbacks may well be the ties that bind. Gold plating and exaggerated crystal embellishment are an outrageous homage to outsized glamour, but the warmly restrained satin tones and rounded toe give the pair a feel that is somehow demure. The out-and-about will rejoice at this surprisingly refined and audaciously dramatic evening option.

First Dibs: Louis Vuitton Flask

 An election race is heating up, and Herman Cain has nothing to do with it. The possibility of snagging the top spot at Christian Dior had the fittest of the young fashion fillies in a tizzy this past September—more than a couple of the collections were thinly veiled campaign speeches, and some contenders, like Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, knew how to project. With wunderkinds like ALexander Wang in the mix, Jacobs knew the competition was stiff. His response was loud and clear: Make it stiffer!

Most Wanted: S. Pellegrino x Bulgari


What better addition to a midday power lunch than this charmingly odd child of a new (and, alas, temporary) Italian power couple? For reasons I cannot fathom, S. Pellegrino and Bulgari have come together to recast the classic long-neck bottle in faux-decadent splendor. But who needs reasons when it feels this right? After all, the “S. Pellegrino Sparkles with Bulgari” bottle has all the winsome qualities of la vita italiana: heritage, quality, and melodrama. Gold! Emeralds! Brilliant cut diamonds! Sparkling, still my beating heart!


5 Dec

As today was my last day interning at Interview Magazine, I felt it neccessary to take a look back at just how essential this internship was to my career path. I hope my reflection inspires all up and coming fashionistas to start applying to internships as soon as possible. Throughout this reflection are my personal photos taken within the office of Interview, being exposed to the world for the first time!

Trying on everything Vuitton!

For the past six months,  I embarked upon a weekly thirty-hour servitude to Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, owned by Brant Publications. Interview is famous for featuring intimate conversations between the world’s biggest musicians, actors, and celebrities. As Andy has always had the capability to create such an allure and sense of incitement to rather anything he was apart of, my aspirations have developed and grown. A cultural salute to art, fashion, literary genius, photography, music, and social affairs, Interview broadens the horizon of the present, while intertwining the cheeky yet charming historical backbone; one must acknowledge in order to appreciate artistic expression. Furthermore, Interview has quite brazenly opened my eyes to the chaotic, but especially enchanting industry of fashion, along with its competitive realism-that almost seems plausible, seeing as though experience, dedication, and the knowledge of both have already began to reciprocate in my favor. Working alongside a talented market and fashion director, stylists, photographers, editors, writers, two amazing assistants, and of course a renowned creative director, has been an amazing experience.

My first Storyboard!

Throughout the first couple of weeks, I was assigned to scurry around the Island of Manhattan and Brooklyn picking up or returning requested pieces. Not only did this help my navigational skills, considering I barely had any, but going to the same places over time allowed for me to form relationships with several other interns and assistants from various companies. As time passed, I was allotted the task of finding new interns, and ultimately became responsible for the entire endeavor. Not one particularly confident of making first impressions in interviews, it compelled me to focus and take on a task that was not only ever so out of my comfort zone but extremely paramount and demanded to be completed efficiently. Such a responsibility has taught me to expect anything and to embrace each assignment, seeing as though it gives me a chance to demonstrate both work ethic and capability of successfully completing whatever is asked. Another task, market research, soon became a favorite as it allowed for me to have a voice and opinion as to the content of each month’s issue. I was given the opportunity to contribute my thoughts on a piece for the upcoming November issue, along with the other interns. A topic of interest, I immediately took control and ended up completing all the research and meeting with my peers, the market and fashion director as well as both assistants in order to discuss the feature, edit, and build upon the concept of the idea.

Fendi Run-through

Stylist Elin Svahn working with the fit model at our Surf shoot run-through

The constant pursuit of more identifies one’s willingness and passion, that does become recognized and greatly appreciated; the extensive hours slowly become a blur as the rush to close the current month’s issue-only to continue working on the later- flourishes nothing but excitement and anticipation. The beauty of all the research, dreaded expense evaluations, vacillation of endless communication between showrooms, design houses and public relations firms, perpetual run-throughs and photo shoots, editing, more editing, and everything in between, is of a greater picture; a compilation of artistic vision intended to showcase talent, inform the populace, and ever so cleverly add a bit of splendor to quite the troubled and corrupt world we live in.

Fun with Fur

The amazing Fashion and Market Assistants

The experience and knowledge, gained within the editorial and fashion departments of Brant Publications Inc. has prepared me for the constant chaos that comes to compose an essential piece of modern day literature. It has introduced me to a magical haven of the latest fashions and information not known to the outside populace. In denouement and utter delight, my time is represented through vast experience, wisdom and to much pleasure, a credit in the mast head of six issues.

My name in the masthead for the first time in the August Issue!

Defying Gravity

30 Nov

Although this trend is far from new, as I continued to see these heel-less heels come into the accessories closet, I realized what I thought to be limited-time trend ended up sticking around.  These shoes that double as a work of art, bring a new meaning to defying gravity. Nina Ricci seemed to make the trend famous in 2009 which led to countless designers making their own heel-less creations.

Nina Ricci 2009

I’ve always believed a true fashionista should be  fearless and daring, willing to try out any new trend.  These are much required characteristics for facing the heel-less heel. We have all wondered how do you even attempt to manuever in a heelless heel. Well, having the opportunity to try on multiple designer pairs in the closet,  the heels are actually designed to be extremely wearable.

Roberto Cavalli S/S 2012

Alexander McQueen S/S 2012

Featuring a heavy platform or a hidden wedge that helps to hold your weight and keep you balanced, the majority of heel-less are not impossible to wear.  Some celebs have said they are actually easy to walk in, but in my own experience, they get some taking use to.  Wearing them around the office, I felt it necessary to shift my weight forward, scared of loosing balance, making it feel like i was tiptoeing around, awaiting the fall.


So athough I love the look, I think I’ll have to leave these shoes to the more balanced and coordinated fashionistas…did anyone else catch Daphne Guiness’s tweet the other day? Ouch… That would be me!

Jump From Paper

29 Nov

Even though I have yet to decide if I should add one of these to my collection,  I couldn’t help but share these innovative handbags I couldn’t take my eyes off of at first glance.

The creators of these handbags are Taiwan based design duo, Chay Lin Su and Rika Lin,who got their inspiration from a prominent designer’s window displays (it always comes back high fashion), taking two-dimensional drawings to the next level.

Yes these real, seemingly jumping off the pages of a comic book and into the hands of a geek-chic fashionista!  Each Jump from Paper handbag starts as a hand-drawn illustration of bowling bags and totes that transform into a head turning handbag.  Believe it or not, despite their thin look, these accessories have a roomy interior.

 Personally, I’d have to see one of these wonders in person before purchasing.  And although they are far from sophisticated, they add a little humor to the handbag that nearly everyone can share.

Five Fashion Faux Pas to Forget

25 Nov

After experiencing behind the scenes of the fashion industry, I’ve come to realize the fashion “rules” the desirably stylish try to follow seem to have never existed within the industry itself.  From my intern peers to well-kmow stylists and directors, it seems safe to say that us insiders simply express our own style, regardless of the commonly known faux pas.  Through this observation, I’ve put together a list of 5 “rules” of fashion ok to disobey.

 1. Reserve Glitter for Nightclubs and New Years

          By simply flipping through any recent fashion publication, its obvious that glistening (with sparkles, not sweat) throughout the day and into the night is now deemed acceptable and trendy.   Sparkle and shine used to be reserved for nights out only, and was generally tacky, but following the newest runway shows proves to sparkle by day and night is now acceptable.

 2. Black and Navy Clashes

Never! Black and navy, when complimenting each other correctly, is chic. Just because they’re close in shade, doesn’t rule out wearing them together. My recent interview outfit choice proved this rule is out, as my navy dress, black tights and boots ensemble was a successful factor, having been interviewed and offered the internship while still in the outfit.

3. No White after Labor Day

One of the oldest rules in the book has seemed to slowly diminish as Labor Day has continued to come and go.  Once one of the spiteful followers of the rule, I was ecstatic to find white to be acceptable to wear year round.  Simply stated,  stay away from white shoes and linen pants through the winter months and you’re in the clear.  In fact, winter-white coats and cream-colored handbags can be striking additions to cold-weather ensembles. Of course, I must apply one exception when disregarding the rule, though it should be obvious. Pretty much all etiquette experts agree that white at a wedding is a major faux pas.  Don’t try to outshine the bride and you’ll be fine.

 4. Horizontal Stripes are Unflattering

I’ve been told time and time again to stay away from stripes, especially horizontal, as they make you look bigger.  By venturing out and trying one a few nautical themed shirts, I’ve learned its not the stripes that will make you look fat,  rather it’s fat makes you look fat. So if you look good in stripes, wear them!

5. Match your bag with your shoes

 One of my biggest pet peeves. Being matchy matchy shows a total lack of style.  To all desiring to look stylish, be more creative than boringly matching you bag to your shoes.

Incredible Edibles

20 Nov

Dolce has taken ready to wear to the next level! From stars and music notes this fall to… peppers and pasta!? Who knew fashion could be so food friendly?

Dolce and Gabbana’s spring collection resembled a picnic in the park, complete with floral print dresses, basket handbags, and mini food taking the place of jewels.  Various vegetables made up the earrings and charm bracelets, but they didn’t stop there!  I had an instant flashback to 1st grade when I saw the pasta! I was lucky enough to get to try on the charmed pasta creation when it arrived in the office for a shoot.  Im not sure how ready I am to wear these accessories, but would love to carry one of the basket handbags, which completed the show’s first theme.

The picnic was packed up about halfway through the show to finish with lace, sparkle, and shine.  Forgetting to mention this half of the show in my post all about the glitz, I must pay tribute to the beautifully bedazzled pieces now.  Funky corsets and t-shirt dresses completed the show, in all their glitter and gold.  More conservative looks also followed featuring fitted rompers and black dresses embellished with lace.

Overall, I coin the second half of the show more ‘ready to wear’ than the first.  The show seemed more like two mini shows in one, with two different themes. I hope to see more jeweled ensembles follow from Dolce & Gabbana in future shows.  Though I’m sure more surprises from the two unpredictable designers are to come as well.